Who We Are

We’re led collaboratively by a growing team of diverse people.

Danielle Wilson is New Inclusive Church’s pioneer leader and loves to help create safe spaces to discuss life’s deepest questions …particularly over food.  She is a Red Letter Christian and believes that loving Jesus pushes us to pursue social justice and inclusion in our communities. Danielle has recently completed her MA in Contemporary Missiology with a focus on Reconciliation, Justice and Advocacy and she’s been a singer for many years with the all-female acoustic soul band Eeek (who play at NIC from time to time). She’s married to Joel and mum to Evie and Josie.

Farai Mapamula is Methodist minister in Birmingham. She enjoys poetry, afro jazz and blues, long walks in the woods, and experimenting with food from all over the world. She’s excited about inclusive church because that’s what she hopes we all want actually want to achieve: to be disciples of Christ who carry the message of love, hope, and grace to all people and all creation.

Bahadir Celiktemur teaches politics to undergraduate students and spends a lot of time thinking about the Christian faith in the public square. He loves spending time outdoors, cooking, and putting the world to rights at the dinner table.

Our launch team.