Who We Are

A place of grace where all people can belong.

A community of honesty and recovery, because we’re all addicted to something.

We are called to live out the inclusive love of Jesus in practical, unexpected, and transforming ways.

What do we think that looks like?

We value authentic welcome and affirmation (which is significantly different from tolerance) not just for the sake of a relevant strapline but because we know this is crucial part of the Gospel. Every human being is created, gifted, and called by God; therefore, every human being is invited to be a real part of the church.

Because there are many religious communities that do not fully include LGBTQ people, we want to be particularly clear that we affirm and celebrate the gifts of diverse people — lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, queer, single, divorced, partnered, married — in every part of our life together, including lay and pastoral leadership.

We believe that everybody has a story that matters to God. So we want to tell true stories about human life. We want to sensitively, creatively, and compellingly carry the message of grace into public space and community networks.

This new community is not about one person, one demographic, or one issue. It’s about engaging a spirituality together – a spirituality that frees people up to experience hope, try new things, and live life fully. We’re about empowering active participants, not creating passive recipients.

Faith doesn’t have to be boring. We want to laugh, party, and celebrate – and make real friendships along the way.

We want to partner with other religious and secular organisations to seek the common good of Birmingham.